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2020 in 13 Seconds

Right after we moved into our new house, I took a photo with my iPhone every morning at 8 am. So, 300+ photos later, here’s a timelapse in ~13 seconds:

The sound is the final track of The KLF’s Chill Out album but reversed (thanks AudioMass) for extra dramatic effect.


Houses with frost on the roofs. December 3. The first photo I shot. Freezing cold morning with frost on the roofs.

Houses with a tree in full bloom. March 11. The neighbor’s maple tree is now in full bloom, temperatures have risen a bit. Spring is here!

Houses and trees covered in snow. March 14. What spring? It’s snowing! Crazy to see the foliage bend under the weight of the snow. A week later we will bend under the pressure of COVID-19 and enter lock-down.

Couple houses and a big tree. July 1. SQUIRREL! Gotta zoom in a bit to spot it, but it’s sitting on top of the roof.

Houses and a big tree and the air is covered in a thick layer of smoke. September 12. The entire west coast of America is on fire. Crazy thick smoke, and even though our house is well insulated, we still have some smoke seep in.

Houses in the winter with a seagull in the air. November 25. Pretty much the end of the year, a seagull flying away...