I Have Never…

  • Done drugs
  • Drank coffee
  • Worn a scarf
  • Been camping
  • Watched Titanic
  • Smoked cigarettes
  • Believed in a higher power (besides my watts)

…and most likely never will.

Selected Ambient Works 85–92

One of my all time top favorite music albums is “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” by the enigmatic Aphex Twin. I purchased it right after it came out (1992) at a small record store in Amsterdam. Had no idea who or what the record was about, I purely bought it for the cover art.

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Flat UI Color Palette for Sketch

SPY Belgian Waffle Ride Tips

Back in April I participated in what was labeled The Most Unique Cycling Event in The U.S. aka the SPY Belgian Waffle Ride. A 217KM long ride/race with over 3450 meters of climbing, dirt sections, water crossing, jerseys, waffles and beer. What more does a bike nerd need?!

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20 EAT
40 EAT
60 GOTO 10


There’s a Strava for Everything


Life is all about creating memories that you slowly keep forgetting.

5 Things I Do Not Miss about San Francisco

One of My First Tweets

Thanks Topsy for making me realize my life is still much pretty the same as it ever was…

NetSuite’s Ridiculous Security Questions

Netsuite is pretty powerful app but the UI and UX are seriously stuck in 1996. Some of their security questions are pretty ridiculous as well…

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Sand & Kites

Went to the beach and put the iPhone 5 down to film the sand rushing over the beach propelled by the wind. Maybe not the smartest idea as sand got inside the lighting connector…