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Man with glasses and a cat on his shoulders.


About huphtur

I'm Marcel Appelman, a tall, skinny Dutch guy with a penchant for cycling, skateboarding, and nerdy computer crap. This is my personal web site, anything jotted down here is my humble (and quite often incorrect) opion. I'm Dutch, not perfect.

Huphtur started as a zine, founded by a couple friends to support the Dutch skateboard scene in the early nineties. Huphtur a misspelling of the word hufter which is old Dutch for: bastard, jackass, asshole (you get the idea). The magazine is long gone, but I kept the name as a unique identifier on the internet.

This site was generated with Eleventy, decorated via Tailwind CSS, and deployed on Netlify. Feel free to dig around in the source code.

You can also find me on a bunch of other online entities such as Mastodon, Instagram, GitHub, Flickr, Strava, and YouTube.