Some of us must have done something bad last year, because Santa shut down Rdio right before Xmas. It was one of the better music services with a clean design and amazing comunity with whom I discovered and shared so many great tunes with.

rdio goodbye

After Rdio shut down a lot of people went with the obvious choices: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. I played around with them for a bit but non did it for me. So I decided to go with some other options. Note: my listening habbit is probably a tad different than the average person. I don’t care much for Top 40 music and tend to focus on “electronic” music. I mostly listen to music via my notebook speakers or headphones.


  • BandCamp. Pretty much every artist or label that I like has a page on this platform. You can often listen to full albums before they are even officially released. And their Weekly Show is absolutely killer!

  • SoundCloud. If one of my favorite artist or labels is not on Bandcamp, they are most likely to be found on SoundCloud. Both platforms will notify you when new releases are out.


  • Bleep. Great independent online music store with a very diverse podcast.
  • XLR8R. Used to be an actual magazine, now purely a web platform with artist interviews, reviews and of course a podcast.
  • Solid Steel. Started as a radio show in the late 80s! I remember getting copies of shows burned on CDs from friends.
  • Ninja Tune. Record label that occasionaly puts out podcasts with artists interviews including a selection of new releases.
  • Boiler Room. Live music shows which sometimes get turned into podcasts.
  • Stones Throw. Killer record label from LA.
  • Turntable Lab. A record store for DJs.
  • Gilles Peterson. This legendary radio DJ has some of the best guests on his show.
  • Low End Theory. A club night named after one of Tribe’s best albums gets my automatic podcast subscription!
  • Phonica Records. Music shop out of London.
  • Resident Advisor. This amount of content that this site has to offer is overwhelming, so I just focus on their podcast.


Handy Utils

  • Overcast. The best iOS podcast app. Key feature: listen to podcasts on your iPhone and continue listening where you left off on your desktop (and vice versa).
  • Streamkeys. Excellent Chrome extension to use your keyboard to control music from a wide variety of music platforms.
  • Scrobbler. Another Chrome extension that scrobbles tunes from a huge selection of platforms to


I could go on and on, but what it comes down to is that, there’s just too much amazing free music to lock myself in any paid subscription services.