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Memoji of man with a bike helmet on his head sitting behind a MacBook.


Introducing Skate or Bike

Super stoked to officially launch a little side project. It’s called Skate or Bike and will feature people who sometimes ride 4, and sometimes ride 2 wheels.

Skate or Bikes web site displayed on an iPad with an big photo of Sal Barbier skateboarding and a frame in the same room.

The first interview on the site is with Miki Vuckovich. I emailed him a huge list of questions and the next day, while on a airplane flight, he answered them all on his iPhone 😳. Thanks again Miki, you set the bar high for the next set of people to answer my questions.

A bunch of new interviews are already in the pipeline, so follow Skate or Bike via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or RSS.