Recently I got me one of those bikes with disc brakes. However my Tacx Spider Team Repair Stand (T3050) only came with a quick release fork mount, which doesn’t work with the new disc brake fork (12mm × 100mm).

quick release

Sure, one could go and buy the updated stand (which comes with all kinds of handy tools), or other weird looking adapters, but since I’m a frugal Dutch guy, and already spent all my money on a new bike, I decided to 3D print an adapter.

hammer time

First up, I grabbed a hammer and bashed out the aluminum quick release axle from the front frame holder. It sat in pretty pretty tight so had to use some force (which is not easy for scrawny cyclists), but eventually it came out.

Next, I measured all the things and created a 3D model, visited my local 3D printer and got the adapter printed.

3d adapter

Fresh off the press, this print is solid. Only took a couple hours to print. Cost was $60 (you can probably find better deals online), cheaper than buying a new work stand.

3d printed thru-axle

All that was left to do is insert it in the holder and presto! My fancy bike now works with the old stand.

How to Print Your Own

I’ve uploaded the 3D file to Thingiverse so you can go and print your own.

The dimensions are for 12mm × 100mm thru-axle forks, but you can easily adapt the 3D file for other sizes.

Use 3D Hubs, Google Maps, or Yelp to find a 3D printer.

Hit me up on the socials @huphtur if you printed one.